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Leadership Trainer

Why should anyone be led by you? It’s a simple question that managers/ leaders often find difficult to answer and a question Shaun always focuses on in his workshops.

To find the answer he incorporates motivational means to influence the lifestyle and thinking of learners. He believes that true leadership training can only be understood when the thoughts and behaviour of the individual reflect that of a successful leader. His main message ‘We can only influence others’ behaviour once we understand, and can control, our own’

Shaun offers workshops to aspiring managers through to the most experienced leaders and delivers these workshops direct to businesses or as an Associate for training companies

They are all tailored to help individuals from the inside out. He focusses on core skills to including personal effectiveness, communication, motivation, development, good coaching and effective feedback. All these steps, once properly learned, will result in a greater perception of people and situations plus a heightened sense of cognisance. Shaun’s ambition is to ensure that all participants return to the workplace full of confidence and enthusiasm to implement new skills, techniques and behaviours that will inevitably drive the organisation towards sustainable change and greater productivity.

  • Aspiring Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Middle Management
  • Senior Management
  • Aspiring Dealer Principles/Heads of Business (Automotive)
  • Dealer Principles/Heads of Business (Automotive)

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Please note that for projects requiring multiple facilitators Shaun partners with a team of recommended Associates.

Examples of the companies where Shaun has delivered training workshops and one to one coaching.

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