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It is widely recognised that organisations can no longer compete on product or price alone. The one differentiator an organisation has, is the voice or the face of the person who is delivering its message to its customers. With buyers and the general public becoming more and more sophisticated in their approach and more aware of their buying power, the sales role is being transformed.

Shaun’s background in Sales and Sales Management helps his delegates understand how to increase their potential to sell more. His workshops and programmes range from training those who are embarking on a sales career through to the most experienced salesperson (telephone sales or ‘face to face’). Shaun’s motivation is to ensure that all participants return to the workplace full of confidence and enthusiasm to implement new skills, techniques and behaviours that will inevitably drive the organisation towards sustainable change and greater productivity.

Each programme covers the following principles at the appropriate level:

  • Understand practical applications about how we think, how we react and how we behave, which ultimately has a major effect on end results
  • Understand how customers buy. The latest thinking on the 8 stages towards making a purchasing decision
  • Identify the steps to a sale and then align it to the above
  • Understand and use the latest rapport and behavioural techniques
  • Remind themselves of effective questioning and listening techniques to establish the client’s needs
  • Deliver a ‘personalised product presentation’ to match the customer’s identified needs, leading to a clear decision to do business
  • Communicate a price, when weighed against the client’s needs, is perceived as good value
  • Handle difficult questions and overcome objections
  • Develop personalised closing techniques that feel natural to the customer

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Please note that for projects requiring multiple facilitators Shaun partners with a team of recommended Associates.

Examples of the companies where Shaun has delivered training workshops and one to one coaching.

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